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English & Japanese Course Specials in June 2017:

Sign up for any regular ongoing group class and get an automatic $150 discount. If you sign up with a friend, you EACH get an additional $50 off. That's $200 off EACH!

The offer is for the first month of study only. To claim this offer, print out this page and present it to us when you sign up. The offer is not valid after the first payment.

Featured Classes for June 2017 現已招生

All English and all Japanese courses are ULTRA SMALL GROUP classes with 3-5 students.

Language Level Day Time Length Course Fee
Japanese Pre Intermediate Mon 7:00 PM 75 minutes 12 weeks $2180
Japanese Beginnner III Tue 7:00 PM 75 minutes 12 weeks $2180
English - Adults Pre Intermediate Wed 7:30 PM 50 minutes n/a $850 / month
English - Adults Intermediate I Thu 7:30 PM 50 minutes n/a $850 / month
English F5-F6 Intermediate Fri 5:30 PM 50 minutes n/a $850 / month

About Levels
Level Description IELTS Range JLPT Range
Beg. 入門 Beginner 4.0 N5
Elem. 初級 Elementary 4.0 - 5.0 N4
Int. 中級 Intermediate 5.5-6.5 N3
Adv. 高級 Advanced 6.5+ N2 - N1