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About Impact Language

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Impact was founded in 2003 to provide practical language teaching to students and adults in Hong Kong. In 2004 we added Japanese to the line-up due to requests by existing students.

In 2008, we moved from our original shop in Mei Foo Sun Chuen to our current location in the center of bustling Mongkok.

About our teachers

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We are a small, private school with just a few teachers, Because of that, we take extra care to make sure our students are happy and making real progress towards their goals. At Impact, you're a person, not a number.

When you study with us, you can be sure your teachers are native language speakers, completely qualified, and extremely experienced. Our teachers are all:

  • University graduates or HIGHER
  • Highly experienced
  • Native language instructors
  • Professionally certified
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Though most language centers like Impact have professional standards, there are many private tutors in Hong Kong who do not have proper qualifications ... in some cases not even a university degree!

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That's why you need Impact, where you know you're getting guaranteed quality and peace of mind.

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