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International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

IELTS Preparation Lessons and Courses - January 2024

IELTS is your ticket to a better future, and IMPACT is your ticket to better IELTS results!

With clear, direct, professional feedback, our expert native English teachers will help you pinpoint what you need to do to reach your IELTS goals.

Our one-on-one lessons means you get the attention you need to achieve your goals in the shortest time possible.

For added convenience, if you cannot attend in person at our center, you can also choose our online option via web-conferencing. We use Whereby and Jitsi because they offer good encryption and because we value your privacy and security.

Good news! My IELTS results: Listening 9, Reading 8.5, Writing 6.5, Speaking 7.5, Overall 8. Thanks!!!Ms. H.L. Wong, Journalist, Academic IELTS

I got my IELTS results this afternoon. My overall result is 8.O: Listening 8.5, Reading 9.0, Writing 7.5, Speaking 6.5. My result makes me eligible for the Scholarship! Thanks for your help in writing!Mr. T.K. Chan, School Psychologist, Academic IELTS
I am very happy that I met my target! Thank you so much for teaching those exam techniques and English skills in such a short period of time. They were so useful and will also help me in my future essay writing and conversation when I am in the UK. Thank you so much! Cherry L., student going to the UK for a Master's degree.
I've got my IELTS result finally. You know what, my speaking score was an 8! Thanks so much for help and guidance!! Mr. A.Wan
Taking the Academic IELTS was one of the requirements for my studies and to emigrate to New Zealand, so I enrolled in May of 2017 with Mr. Templeton, who is a very good and very patient teacher. I'm glad to say I achieved my IELTS targets. Thank you very much to Mr. Templeton and all the Impact Language staff for your teaching and guidance. Thank you for helping me pursue my dreams. Mr. Anthony G., moving to New Zealand.

Private IELTS Instruction

Sometimes it's better to learn privately with a teacher.
This is especially the case if you need help with writing skills.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you.

Here's what more of our course-takers said after getting their results:

It was a short period to prepare but your classes were a big help. I had no confidence in my writing but with your tips I was able to complete the tasks in less than 40 minutes. In my speaking, I was really surprised that it's my highest score. My score is above what they required me to get. Once again thank you so much for being such a big help! Ms. M. Pampaguen (GT IELTS)
Good morning! I finally got 6.5 marks for the total score: listening 7, reading 6.5, writing 5.5 and speaking 6. I am so happy about that! Yeah~~~~~~~Ms. W. Chan, Journalist, Academic IELTS

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In Hong Kong, overall scores are generally characterized by stronger reading and listening performance with writing and speaking scores usually drifting lower by 1.5 to 2 points.

Hong Kong students also tend to take the IELTS test on average 4 times in order to boost their weakest section (usually writing, followed by speaking) to their desired minimum.

You too can make the progress you need ... if you have the right instruction!

The overall score was 7. Thanks for your guidance! P. Tiwali, Software Engineer, GT IELTS

IELTS Test Dates

The paper-based version of IELTS is offered 48 times each year, with the Academic test available on all 48 dates and the General Training version of the test on 24 dates.

The computer-based version of IELTS is offered up to 5 times a week, though the speaking test is still done in person.

The paper tests (listening, reading and writing) are usually held on Saturday mornings and last from 9 a.m. until slightly after noon.

The speaking test (15 minutes per candidate) is usually on the same day in the afternoon. You will be notified of the exact speaking time after you have confirmed your registration.

You should obtain and confirm test dates with the test provider (British Council or IDP Education) directly.

Impact IELTS Course Details:

Our IELTS courses are designed to help those who already have solid English skills strengthen a particular area of exam weakness. Our courses are suitable for those aiming to improve their scores to an average of 6.5 or higher.

Writing lessons emphasize the specific writing skills needed for IELTS with a focus on using appropriate phrases, tenses, and connectors, as well as how to effectively structure your answers when targeting higher scores.

Speaking lessons cover common speaking test topics and how to control the conversation. We also work on improving your "signposting" skills so that you can demonstrate good cohesion and organization.

Reading lessons focus on question-decoding skills as well as skimming and scanning the passage. Some simple test strategies are also covered since these can sometimes boost your score by the few points you need to achieve a higher banding.

Impact IELTS Course Attendance Options:

You may take lessons on a daily, twice-weekly, or weekly basis. Because these are private lessons, you can choose however often you wish to attend, as long as packages are completed within the specified time limit. However, in general we recommend that a student attend no more than two or three times a week. We believe that having a break between lesson days can give you more time to process what you have learnt as well as to complete any assignments given.

Thank you very much for your teaching. I'm happy I could get a 5.5 just after taking 5 lessons, though I still need to keep making an effort. Ms. Yoshiko A., Japanese Language Educator, Academic IELTS

Our IELTS courses are generally on a 1-to-1 basis. The best time to study is between 12 noon and 5:00 PM on weekdays. If you wish to have a private evening class, we charge an additional peak-time fee.

Each lesson lasts for 50 minutes with the last 5 minutes for wrapping up and exiting the classroom. Classes start on time, so students should try to arrive at least 5 minutes early.

Fees are paid in advance. Lessons that fall on a public holiday can be rescheduled to an alternate day or the following week.

Other Courses

We can also help you if you want to prepare for the LPAT exam (if you're a teacher) or perhaps an exciting new job interview. And if you just want to work on improving general conversation English skills - a must for career development! - then join one of our fun small group discussion classes.