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English for Job Interviews

Consider this:

  • on-line job ads generate an average of 300 applicants
  • the average resume gets UNDER 30 seconds attention
  • job seekers who only respond to job ads have a success rate of about 1% per ad

And your chances get even worse if you make spelling or grammar mistakes.

  • If your cover letter or resume has TWO English mistakes, your chances of an interview drop nearly 60%.
  • With three or more mistakes, you chances drop more than 90%.
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Getting a new job with more pay is not easy. You need to have a good CV and good cover letter just to get a chance at an initial interview, and you need to perform well in that interview just to get a chance at a job.

In our job-interview preparation classes, you will improve your CV and resume and practice general and job-specific interview and presentation skills.

You will learn the rules of the game and develop the skills needed not only to get this next job but which will also make your subsequent job searches so much easier.

Thank you so much. I really think it was a valuable journey at Impact Language. And it came to a perfect result. I got the university job offer, and that really made me feel excited. I got it by the confidence you gave me! Anny Y., Business Administrator

Course Notes:

Our job interview courses are specially designed to give you an advantage in your next interview.

We offer 4 core modules, and you can choose to work on one module at a time or mix them together according to your needs. You may choose to complete as many modules as you wish or to repeat modules as necessary. Lesson frequency is up to you, though the minimum frequency is once a week.

Impact has a good study atmosphere and the teacher is friendly. It's a practical, more relaxed way to learn English. After taking the interview lessons, I had 5 job interviews and just started my new job! Janice Chan, Secretary
  • Module 1: The CV and Cover Letter
  • Module 2: The Interview - Your Background and Skills
  • Module 3: Answering the One Big Question
  • Module 4: Following Up and Digging Your Well

Fees and Schedules

Our job interview courses are all on a private, one-to-one basis. Fees are paid in advance. Lessons that fall on a public holiday can be rescheduled to an alternate day or the following week. If you wish to have a private evening class, we charge an additional peak-time fee.

Please see our private instruction page for more information.

Other Courses

We can also help you if you want to prepare for IELTS or the LPAT Exam. If you just want to work on improving general conversation skills - a must for career development! - then join one of our fun small group discussion classes.