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LPAT Preparation Courses - 2020 LPAT

The 2020 LPAT is fast approaching. If you think you might need a little help, contact us!

Our private and private group (1-1 and 1-2) courses are targeted at helping Hong Kong teachers with the two parts of the test that they generally find most difficult: speaking and writing.

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Jay gave me comprehensive writing advice. His lessons are well structured and easy to follow. He looked at my writing from line to line with me and helped me improve my writing. Grammar discussions are included specifically with useful notes. Thank you Jay, and I hope your future students can pass the LPAT as well. Good luck to all of you! Ms. Wynne Ng, 2019 LPATE
The lessons were really practical and straight to the point - specifically targeting our weaknesses and giving us concrete suggestions concerning pronunciation and intonation. Great lessons to help us improve! Ms. T. Sit, 2019 LPATE
Learning with Impact was my great pleasure. My tutor was an enthusiastic teacher who not only taught me the skills and contents of the assessment, but also encouraged me to face difficulties. Thanks, Jay! Ms. J. Wong, 2019 LPATE
The lessons were relaxing and the teacher was encouraging. The teacher could spot my weaknesses in writing and helped me overcome them. I could make improvements in a really short time. Thanks a lot! Ms. T. Wong, 2019 LPATE
I passed FINALLY!!! Got 3-3.5 in everything. Thank you very much for your patience and thanks again in helping me pass the exam. Ms. Ng, 2019 LPATE
I have passed all the papers! Thank you so much for your guidance!!!! Thankssssss! Ms. Heidi S., 2019 LPATE
My teacher was patient, helpful and cheerful, and he helped me find out the problems that I didn't realize I had. I finally got a pass! Hurray! Ms. Rene Chau, 2018 LPATE
My instructor was a professional, inspiring and charismatic teacher. Because of him I finally passed my LPATE speaking paper with 3s in most of the scales. Thank you!! Mr. A.Au, 2018 LPATE
The most useful part was correcting the pronunciation and proof-reading the writing together. I had a great improvement this year and finally passed all four papers! Ms. Miranda M, 2018 LPATE
I passed the speaking part finally!! And after combining my 2014 & 2016 results, I have 3 papers with a 4, so I can get the certificate of merit!! Thanks so much for your teaching. It really did help me improve and understand the requirements of the exam! Ms. S.T, 2017 LPATE
Thanks for helping me improve my skills. Just submitted the application form for the certificate of merit. Hope to get it soon so I have something to brag about, lol! Ms. D.S, 2017 LPATE

Results Summary for the 2019 LPAT

The LPAT scores for 2019 were released on May 22, 2019. As reported by the HKEAA, the scores were similar to previous years. The passing rate for the writing test remained disappointing. The listening test rebounded from last year's 8-year low, and the speaking test pass rate was unchanged.

Speaking and writing remained the most difficult parts of the LPAT. The passing rate for the speaking test was 58%. For writing, it was 42%, meaning roughly 6 out 10 prospective teachers failed.

The average passing rates, from low to high, for the past 15 years from 2004 through 2019, are:

  • writing paper: 44%
  • speaking paper: 51%
  • listening paper: 76%
  • reading paper: 82%

That means every year on average, half of all test takers in Hong Kong fail the writing and speaking portions of the exam. The speaking score has fortunately been going up the past few years, but writing is still highly problematic.

Chart showing Language Proficiency Assessment Test pass rates from 2004 to 2019.

Data source for 2019: https://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/201905/22/P2019052200517.htm

The results show that Hong Kong teachers are clearly better at the receptive skills but unfortunately fall short in the productive skills.

If that describes you, and if you are planning on taking the LPATE, you need to make sure your speaking and writing skills can pass muster. A little guided practice could give you that extra boost you need.

Comments and results from a few of our test takers

If you're an English teacher planning on taking the 2020 LPAT, you can be confident knowing that we've been helping test-takers with the LPAT since 2012. We know what it takes!

Here's what one of our very happy course-takers (he had taken it multiple times before coming to us for help) said:

I was so anxious when unsealing the letter. What I found was a big "Attained" printed on it. Yes!!! I PASSED the writing paper, finally!! The score were very heartening too - all 3 for the composition and all 4 for the error correction. It was a miracle for me and the best birthday present ever!! Of course I wouldn't have such an exciting result without your help and support. I am grateful to have had you to guide me to overcome the LPATE. Thank you sooooooooo much.

There was another big surprise yesterday. The school I had worked at as a TA before said that they have reserved a teaching post for me. That means I will finally become an English teacher in the coming September. Hurray=] Mr. M. Mak, 2015 LPATE

Here's a sampling of a few of our other LPATE takers:

  • Ms. C.Y. Ng, after reporting speaking test scores of 3.5 on everything except for "Reading aloud with meaning" and "Discussing educational matters with peers", in which she scored 4s, said: "I'm happy with what I've got. The proficiency requirement was attained. I'm happy that I didn't get any 2.5 or 3 :) Thanks for your tutoring!!!!!"
  • Mr. W.T Law, a current HKU student preparing for a career in education, said: "Thanks for your care and support. I got 3.5 in all areas (except a 3 in discussing educational matters). It is better than last year (in which I only got a 3 for most areas) and it is better than I expected!"
  • Mr. KS Luk struggled with the speaking test but said: "This is the best result I have ever had. And the total score reveals a big jump over last year."

One of our course-takers was very happy with his speaking exam results (mostly 3.5s, and a few 4s):

I am glad to tell you that I am pleased with the results of the LPATE speaking (beyond my expectations in the positive way). Task 1A - Reading a prose passage: Pronunciation, stress, intonation: 3 and Reading aloud with meaning: 3.5. For Task 1B - Monologue: Grammatical and lexical accuracy and range: 4, and Organization and coherence: 4. For Task 2 - Group Interaction: Interacting with peers: 3.5 and Discussing educational issue: 4

Without your teaching, I must say that I could not have had the results I want. I feel very lucky to have attended the lessons with you in Impact Language as you helped me come closer to my goal. Thus, I would like to express my gratitude for your teaching! Joseph C. 2014 LPATE

2020 LPATE Dates

The LPATE tests are usually held in February and are scheduled around the Chinese New Year holiday. Usually the RLW tests are held prior to CNY and the speaking test after CNY in the last week of February.

In 2020, CNY is very early, so the entire LPAT will be held after the CNY holidays.

Here are the dates for the 2020 exam:

CNY Holidays January 25 - 28
Reading / Listening / Writing February 9
Speaking February 24 - 28

CLA will take place throughout most of the school year. For the 2020 LPAT, assessment is from November 4, 2019 through April 9, 2020.

You can also see the timetable for the exam sections at the HKEAA website by clicking here. And if you're interested in public holidays in 2020, you can click here, or here for holidays in 2020.

Registration Dates for the 2020 LPAT

Registration for the LPAT is in September of each year. The registration dates for 2020 have now already passed:

  • Applications by post: Sept. 2 - 13, 2019
  • Applications by Internet: Sept. 2 - 18, 2018
  • Applications in person: Sept. 17 - 20, 2018
For more details and a link to the online registration form, simply click here to go to the registration page on the HKEAA website.

Course Modules

  • Speaking Module 1: Prose - Reading Aloud
  • Speaking Module 2: Telling / Recounting / Presenting
  • Writing Module 3: Essay Writing
  • Writing Module 4: Correcting Student Writing
The teacher was knowledgeable, approachable, and friendly, and he taught in an interesting manner. Each lesson was followed by short practice, which helped me master the language skills effectively. He used an interesting method to teach stress and intonation, and through his instruction, I have become more aware of stress and intonation in speaking and reading aloud in English. H.Y. Chan, Secondary School Teacher

Course Notes and Fee Schedule:

Choose what you wish to study. Most test candidates focus on either speaking or writing, but you may do both. You may also take lessons as often as you like, though there is a minimum of once a week.

Our LPAT courses are available during the daytime between 12 noon and 5:00 PM and on select evenings on a limited basis. We have a limited number of slots on Saturdays.

Course Class Length Lessons Fee* - Off Peak Fee* - Peak
4 $600 $650
LPAT 50 Minutes 8 $550 $600
12 $525 $575
  • The above rates are on a PER LESSON basis. For each additional student add $50 / lesson.
  • Peak hours are after 5:00 PM and all day Saturday.
  • These rates for reference only and may change without notice.
  • Off-peak rates become unavailable to new students 50 days prior to first exam.
  • Single lessons are priced a flat rate of $700-$750 / lesson.

Please note that all options have a time limit. The course length, in consecutive weeks, cannot be more than the number of lessons you purchase, and the maximum course length is 8 weeks from the start date.

I wanted to learn "natural" English, and that's why I came to Impact Language. I saw a definite improvement in my English, and the teacher was very keen on helping students, so I would certainly recommend that others try here! Ms. C.L. Ng, Primary School Teacher

Each lesson lasts for 55 minutes with the last 5 minutes for wrapping up and exiting the classroom. Classes start on time, so students should try to arrive at least 5 minutes early.

Fees are paid in advance. Lessons that fall on a public holiday can be rescheduled to an alternate day or the following week.

Other Courses

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