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Adult Conversational English with Native English Teachers

Learning English with native speakers

Learn with us! Our teachers ensure that you get authentic English with correct accents and grammar.

This is a great class! I enjoyed studying with my teacher and my classmates very much! We can learn not only vocabulary, but also reading skills and speaking skills. We can discuss and express our own opinion freely. I sincerely recommend all who love learning English to come and join this class. Ms. May Lai, Bank Customer Service Manager

Conversational English Courses

July 2022

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  • Elementary (A2-B1) - Wed @ 7:30 P.M.

  • Intermediate (B1-B2) - Tue @ 7:30 P.M.

  • Advanced (C1) - Wed @ 8:30 P.M.
  • All course fees: 1 mo. @ $900 or 3 mo. @ $2,400

    Apply now (click here). Limit of 5 per class.

    To build up English for leisure, travel, or work, you need a class that will give you maximum talk time with real people - not computers! - and interesting topics. If you want real practice, contact us today!

    英語雖然重要,但大家自入職場後,未必有足夠機會訓練加強英語能力。Impact Language則提供了舒適的環境,並能夠結識不同的同學,擴闊視野並能加強大家的聽說能力。 Mr. W. Lung, Secondary School History Teacher
    Since I started working, I have realized the importance of English; however, I did not have the drive to brush up my English. At Impact Language, which provides a relaxing learning atmosphere, I have found my interest in English again!

    Regarding my weakest part, writing, my teacher not only analyses problems for me but also encourages me to find the mistakes by myself. As a result, my writing has improved a lot in a short period!

    工作後,愈來愈發現英語的重要性,但一直沒有推動力學習。Impact Language提供輕鬆的學習環 境,讓我重拾對英語的興趣。 在較弱的寫作練習中,老師除了詳細分析當中問題,亦鼓勵學生自行找出錯處,讓我在短期間內快速 進步

    Ms. Iris W., Financial Journalist
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    With just 5 per class, each person gets the talking practice they need.

    We can also help you if you want to prepare for IELTS, the LPAT Exam, or if you need help getting ready for a job interview.

    Course Notes:

    Our courses are open entry. Join at any time! Each lesson lasts 50 minutes, with the last 5 minutes for wrapping up and exiting the classroom. Classes start on time, so students should try to arrive early.

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    Fees are paid monthly in advance, and a month is defined as 4 consecutive weeks. Classes are held once a week, and lessons that fall on a public holiday will be rescheduled to the following week.

    The above schedules and fees are for reference only and may change without notice. You will need to take a free placement test before enrolling to make sure the class time you want is right for you.