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English for Hong Kong School Students

Maryknoll students learn English at Impact Language

Learn better and faster with Native English Teachers

Impact's trained and qualified native English teachers ensure that school students learn authentic English with a correct accent and practical grammar.

My daughter got positive comments from her English teachers this calendar year so she can go into the higher level English class in F.3 ... thanks to you! Mrs. Jacqueline P. (mother of F2 -> F3 student)

Our interactive classes (i.e, lots of discussion) and communication-based grammar practice help our students develop the skills they need in order to participate effectively in English both in school and in the real world.

Even more, our small class size (MAXIMUM of 5 Students) ensures that each student gets lots of English practice time and the individual attention he or she needs.

Ongoing Courses for May 2021

ONLINE OPTION AVAILABLE: We usually hold lessons at our center, but students may also wish to attend remotely when necessary.

Our courses combine DSE style essay writing and topics discussion. Students will improve writing and proofreading skills while also learning to discuss current events.

Day / Time Details
Mondays 4:30 PM Middle Secondary (F3-4)
Intermediate (B1-B2)
Writing + discussion
Fridays 4:30 PMLower Secondary (F1-2)
High Beg. / Low Inter. (A2-B1)
Writing + discussion
Fridays 5:30 PMUpper Secondary (F4-6)
Intermediate (B1-B1+)
Writing + discussion
Saturdays 12:15 PMMiddle Secondary (F3-4)
Advanced (B2-C1)
Writing + discussion

Fee: $900 / 4 or $2400 / 12
Max of 4 students / lesson
**NEW students get an automatic $100 discount** Just make sure to ask!
***Club members (membership is free) pay as little as $725 / month.

Check out our conversation course for primary school students

Oral English - Primary 5-6

Class Day / Time: Thursdays @ 4:30 P.M.
Class Day / Time: Wednesdays @ 3:30 P.M.

Primary Course Fees: 1 mo. @ $950 or 2 mo. @ $1750

MAXIMUM 3 STUDENTS (Primary Only) PER CLASS. Click here to contact us.

對於學英文的人來說,是一個很好的選擇,加上導師很用心教! Mrs. Lo (mother of P6 student)

English for P5-P6

primary 5 and primary 6

These practical but fun classes make sure students are ready for secondary school.

Lots of speaking, and a writing program that builds creativity and solid grammar skills.

Primary school kids

English for F1-F5

Secondary school students learning English

Say no to large classes and wasted time!

Students actively involved means accelerated learning, better understanding, and better results.

And we have fun, too!

click here for native English tutors for secondary school

HKDSE English

DSE English

No shortcuts. No video classes. No lectures. And no ridiculously trendy 'tutor kings' (or queens).

Instead, these practical courses teach skills, not tricks. The result? Our students aren't afraid of the HKDSE!

HKDSE tutorial classes