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English for HK Secondary School Students

Secondary students learning with Native English Tutors

Our classes are small (just 3-4 students), so you absolutely have to speak! Which of course means you'll improve faster. And because you learn from a native English speaker, you get exposed to natural, mistake-free English.

You will study with others of similar ability and similar age. We do not offer classes for complete beginners. So, don't be afraid!

Mistakes everywhere in essays? Can't communicate with others fluently in English? Want to improve your English? No worries! Just come to Impact Language and they are going to mend all your problems!

錯漏百出的英文文法?不能與他人用英語流利地溝通?希望改善自己的英語?不用再猶疑了!只要來到 Impact Language, 老師便會解決你所有的問題! Judy Hung, Maryknoll Fathers (DSE English:5*)


If you want to practice real English, you've come to the right place!
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Small classes + native English teachers

Practical English Communication

If you still find it difficult to have a regular English conversation, you're not alone.

Your large classes at school are one factor. Another could be your teachers. As good as they may be, their focus is usually to help you pass exams. If that is your need, then you need to listen to them.

But if you want to develop practical English skills for university and beyond, then you need to learn from native speakers ... like us!

We can help you with the tests too, of course! :)

Band 1 Schools such as Maryknoll

So, if you ...

  • are NOT looking for more multiple choice practice, and
  • are NOT looking for yet another huge class, but
  • DO want to improve spoken and written English, and
  • DO want better school results

... then join us. Our classes will give you maximum talk time with topics that are interesting and useful for you as a school student. We will help you develop both confidence and fluency in spoken English as you build vocabulary and improve your discussion skills.

當你在Impact Language上堂,發覺與身處補習社並不相同。在Impact Language上堂,師資比例1對4,易於發問。小班教學,保證各個程度不會懸殊。課程由淺至深,使語文得以掌握。Simon L.

Moreover, our discussion topics come from the same kinds of sources used in the DSE for the reading, writing, and speaking sections of the exam. This means you will not only build up your English skills but also a solid knowledge base that will help you easily tackle the HKDSE.

The classes are fun and interesting!Mary L., Maryknoll Convent, (DSE English: 5)

Additional Features:

  • Free flashcard software will help you strengthen long-term vocabulary retention and improve practical usage. If you use the program as we recommend, you will easily add 1000-1500 vocabulary items per year to your reportoire.
  • Our optional personalized graded grammar program covers everything you will need in school.
My daughter got good and positive comments from her English teachers this calendar year, so she can go into the higher level English class in F.3. I want to say thanks to you! Ms. J. Poon, mother of F2->F3 student

Classes are supplemented by homework activities such as reading, writing, and worksheets for vocabulary and grammar. As you are in secondary school and are no longer a child, we expect you to be proactive and take responsibility for your learning. That means doing the work!


Form Day Time Length Students Fee/mo.*
F1-2 Fri 4:30 50 min 3-5 $900
F2-3 Fri 5:30 50 min 3-5 $900
F3-4 Mon 4:30 50 min 3-5 $900
F4-6 Sat 12:15 50 min 3-5 $900

*The fees per month (above) are based on attending once per week and with 4 lessons per month.

Classes are also separated into different levels ranging from pre-intermediate to advanced. The schedules above are for reference only. You will need to do a short interview and test before signing up for a class.

About Levels
Level Description Current DSE Range
A Lower / Pre-Intermediate 1-2
B Middle / Intermediate 2-3
C Higher / Advanced 4-5

I improved my speaking at Impact Language and enjoyed the classes. But I should have listened to my teacher at Impact and studied a little bit harder! Jason S., Wah Yan College (DSE English: 4)

Other Comments

Our courses are open entry, which means students may join at any time of the month or year.

Student improving English for university

Each lesson lasts for 50-55 minutes, depending on attendance, and the last 5 minutes of each lesson are for wrapping up and exiting the classroom. Please note that classes do start on time, so students should try to arrive at least 5 minutes early.

Fees are paid monthly in advance, and a month is defined as 4 consecutive weeks. Classes are held once a week, and lessons that fall on a public holiday will be rescheduled to the following week.

The above schedules and fees are for reference only and may change without notice. You will need to take a free placement test before enrolling to make sure the class time you want is right for you.