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跟我們學好英文,學好日文。 Impact外籍教師及小組討論教學可助你學好實用而正確的外語。

Upgrade yourself in 2024!

Learning a foreign language can open doors and make you more competitive. And it's always easier and more effective to learn from a native language speaker.

Founded in 2003, Impact Language offers ENGLISH and JAPANESE language courses for adults and school students.

Our native English and native Japanese language teachers give you real-world language practice, and our small-group setting means you get the individual attention and instruction you need. At Impact, you get practical instruction in a comfortable, safe, low-stress environment.

New classes in January 2024

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For most courses, we also offer an online option via web-conferencing. We generally use because it has good encryption and we value your privacy and security.

And as a small, private language school, we take extra care to make sure you are happy and making real progress towards your goals!

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Learn Japanese ... It's fun!


Our direct-method classes get you speaking and using Japanese fast.

And have fun! Make new friends and enjoy making great progress together!

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English for Adults and Professionals


Speak English with confidence and fluency. No more missed life and career opportunities.

Upgrade yourself and make great new friends at the same time!

English courses for Adults

English for School Students


Our students aren't afraid of the HKDSE!

Our focus on practical English gives students the essential skills they aren't learning in school.

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