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Feedback From Our Students

Adult Student Comments

Let me thank you for helping me. It was a short period to prepare but your classes were a big help for me. I had no confidence in my writing but with your tips I was able to complete the tasks in less than 40 minutes. In my speaking, I was really surprised that it's my highest. Once again thank you so much for being such a big help. My score is above what they required me to get. Ms. M. Pampaguen (IELTS Test Preparation Course)
(Impact is the number one best place to learn
conversational English in Hong Kong!")
Mr. Seiji Watanabe
Every class was happy, and the teacher was very interesting and friendly. Ms. M. Chan, Adult Student
This is a great class! I enjoyed studying with my teacher and my classmates very much! We can learn not only vocabulary, but also reading skills and speaking skills. We can discuss and express our own opinion freely. I sincerely recommend all who love learning English to come and join this class. Ms. May Lai
It's a very good place to study native English. During the class, on one hand you get to learn a lot of new vocabulary, especially those related to recent local / world affairs. On the other hand, you can discuss and express your thoughts in an English environment. If you find few opportunities to use or listen to English in daily life, or if you always worry about speaking English in front of foreigners, then you should find significant improvement after few months at Impact Language. Mr. Stephen Wong
日本語能力試験の結果が発表されましたので、早速お知らせしたいと思います。おかげさまで、N3に合格できました。180点満点の177点でした。本当にうれしいです。 (I wanted to let you know the result of the JLPT first before anybody else. I passed N3 with 177 out of 180. I couldn't be any happier!) Mr. KY Hung
Thank you so much. I really think it was a valuable journey with Impact Language. And it came to a perfect result. I got the university job offer, and that really makes me feel excited. I got it by the confidence you brought to me! Anny Y., Job Interview Course
久しぶりに生の英語を耳に入れました。教える側としても、よい経験になりました。 (It had been a great opportunity to immerse myself in real-life English. It was also a great learning experience as a language instructor.) Ms. A. Kitagami

Parent Comments

My daughter got good and positive comments from her English teachers this calendar year, so she can go to the higher level English class in F.3. I want to say thanks to you! Mrs. Jacqueline P. (mother of F2 -> F3 student)
對於學英文的人來說,是一個很好的選擇,加上導師很用心教! Mrs. Lo (mother of P6 student)

School Student Comments

At Impact, I felt happy every lesson and improved my speaking skills because of the small group study. I would recommend Impact to other students. Carson Chan, Age 17
I like Impact because it is fun and the teacher is kind. We could play good games and I learned many new words. E. Chau, Age 12
I enjoyed Impact Language. I learned a lot from here and improved my English skills. I definitely recommend Impact Language to others. Marco Lam, Age 17
I have been learning Japanese for 3 or 4 years at Impact Language. I think I can now handle basic communication in Japanese. I like the student-teacher ratio, and when I was learning in the group I enjoyed it not only because it allowed me to speak to my teacher but also to other students. I think Impact is a good value, and I would happily recommend it to others. Michael I.
I learned a lot about grammar! I found that some things I thought were right were actually simple mistakes. I like the way they teach, with lots of interaction, and the process is enjoyable. I would recommend Impact to others because the course is really helpful. Z. Lau, Age 17
It was fun and I improved my English! Kelly Yam, Age 12
I studied at Impact Language for 5 years. It was really great, fun, and enjoyable! I learnt a lot and my grades in public exams were wonderful. It's not only about learning in a "pressureless" environment, but the teachers have become like close friends. They gave me good help and advice all the time, especially when I decided to attend university in the USA. Daisy Tsang, University of Virginia
In the days I studied at Impact Language, my teacher helped me to find out my strengths and weaknesses so I could focus on my weaknesses and work harder on that. I liked the class because my teacher was very responsible and helped us no matter what the question, teaching us very specifically and clearly. That's why I want to study here again and introduce my friends as well. Rex Lau, Age 19